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By entrusting your offshore secretarial needs to us you can eliminate the burden of having to take on and maintain staff locally.

Given below are some key services we provide:

Data Entry:

We cover your data entry needs for a variety of formats, including Word, Spreadsheets, Databases, Business Cards, etc.
Word Processing:
We can assist you in preparing any kind of writing material, including letters, memos, reports, manuals or newsletters - taking care of all your needs from design and layout to formatting, editing and proofing.
Editing or correction of text, reorganization of content, highlighting specific areas, merging comments or documents, etc.
We help you keep a record of all your files, correspondence and data in a well-organized and easy-to-find manner.
Database Management:

Creating, updating or maintaining a database.

Internet Research:
Comprehensive web research services available. We can search anything for you over the internet, review available resources and report the results to you in the format of your choice.
Letters & Mailing Labels:
We can prepare letters and mailing labels for you, and send out group emails on your behalf, maintaining a record of all responses.
Diary Management:
Keeping memos, reminders, appointment schedules, events calendar etc, and following up on the same.
Event Planning:
We can organize business meetings or conference calls for you, send out invitations, notices and reminders, and receive and follow up on replies.

We can create a web presence for you or your business, enhance on your existing website, or help you redesign to promote and market yourself better.

Given below are some of the services that we offer:

Website Design:
Creating or updating a website, including static, dynamic, portals, ecommerce, flash, web-streaming, etc.
CMS-based Websites:
Integration of website with a content management system - for example, Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal - including installation, setup, modules search, configuration of components, content management and backend administration.
Website Maintenance:
If you require regular maintenance of your website, our team can handle it for you, taking care of all tasks from content and image updates to enhancements and uploads.
Content/Copy Writing:
We assist you in preparing business documents, proposals, reports, fact sheets, newsletters, brochures, manuals, press releases, articles, marketing and promotional material, and website content.
We can help you prepare handouts, slideshows or powerpoint presentations with graphics and charts.
Desktop Publishing:
We can design flyers, announcements and advertisements, or any other promotional material for you.
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